New Revelation: We are already living the lifestyle!

canstockphoto3986275It has been frustrating for us not hitting any timetables for moving into our tiny house. We have struggled with impatience as we continue to prepare for living in a tiny house.  But it hit me today that we are already living large by going tiny.  

Just last week, we had a yard sale and got rid of a lot of stuff.  We made over $400 which we put in the bank to help pay off debt.  Last week, we also began to research planning and cooking healthy, but tasty meals from home. We have also decided to take up interests and hobbies that take us outside the four walls of our apartment. This week we got the rest of our skiing equipment at Aspen Ski and Board.  Scott and the staff were super helpful in getting us the gear we needed at awesome prices! 

We are also advancing personally. Briana is continuing to take swimming classes so she doesn’t drown in a creek we may cross on an upcoming hiking trip.   We just got back last month from our amazing trip to Colorado.  We are taking classes at REI to learn how to wisely enjoy the outdoors.  …next week, we are taking a Zombie Apacalypse class… And we are planning a number of trips to our state parks in Ohio before the winter hits.  And then when winter does come, we are going to be learning how to ski and take care of our equipment.  So before we move into our tiny house, we have plenty to keep us busy and are having fun along the way.

We are moving forward to better living….
So from paying off debt, learning how to enjoy the outdoors, and learning how to eat better, we are already living large by going tiny!  Moving into a tiny house will just be the final piece of the pie!