Shifting priorities

We thought we would take a moment and share with you one of the reasons why we are going tiny. One motivating factor for us becoming minimalists and living a simplified life is so our lives will be less encumbered, less focused on the accumulation of stuff and more committed to the accumulation of memories.

Time is everyone’s most precious commodity. Each of us has a set amount of it. It is possible for everything else to be re-acquired, yet once our time is gone, our journey in this life ends. We may not know how much time we have in this world, but there are ways we can learn how to appreciate it and not to waste it! One priority we want to focus on is to care not as much about stuff as we do about each other and the experiences we can have actually living life…together!

A little over a year ago, Briana and I met for the very first time at a Barnes andNoble in Columbus, Ohio! We can’t believe how much time during this year we have spent together! We thought we would close this post by sharing with you pictures of some of our experiences we have had thus far in our short journey together. Perhaps, over time, we will have some exciting experiences to share with some of you as well!




We are a newly married couple on a journey towards living full-time in a tiny home!

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