5 things learned at the tiny house workshop

I had a wonderful time at the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop. (Visit the site here to find a workshop in your area.) I met some great people, made excellent connections, and learned a great deal.


In fact, it was difficult to distill everything I learned into a short blog post. But here are the 5 top takeaways from the workshop:

  1. I knew more than I thought I did. From a beginner level, I would say I am pretty knowledgable.  Now begins the intermediate stage of the learning process.  Expert status would only be reached, in my opinion, if one successfully builds a tiny house with their own bare hands.  We may never reach that status (which is OK) if we choose to have a builder build ours.
  2.  Tool Libraries – If you are fortunate enough to have such a thing in your area, you can pretty much borrow tools for cheap.  It only becomes expensive if you break or lose the tool, because you put your credit card down for the full value of replacing the item when you check it out.
  3. Registering your Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) with the DMV. If the build is DIY, when you get the trailer, you need to register it as a permanent trailer.  Then, once it is built, you need to register it as a custom RV.
  4. We learned what it is like to actually be in a tiny house on wheels.   While Briana and I had been in a tiny house before, it was not on wheels (a fixed tiny house; frankly, many of us have been in one of those before, right?  😉 Before entering one, we thought they were big enough.  After listening to others who have been in them, we then believed they were big enough.  But now that we have actually be in not just one, but two this weekend, now we can say that we know that these critters are spacious enough.
  5. Important steps to control moisture. I learned important ways to control moisture in a tiny house, so to prevent black mold from growing.  In order to prevent moisture accumulation, it is essential to install vents over your cooktop and your shower and to have a properly-ventilated roof.


We are a newly married couple on a journey towards living full-time in a tiny home!

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