Educating ourselves.

For the last 8 months, not only have we been purging, but we have been educating ourselves by watching all the tiny house shows on TV, joining a number of virtual communities, and checking out different blogs…

We have also been moving in the direction of living our lives as simulated to tiny house living as we can. My office is in a separate space…David works in the living room or from coffee shops when he can. That has been the biggest part of the learning process. We have had to change our thinking because of the flexibility and freedom of living tiny. More of our LIFE can happen outside of the four walls of our home if we choose. We are becoming better students of the world around us, and we are excited for the opportunity!

David is in charge of designing our tiny house and making it into a reality. His education and planning started by storing a lot of pictures and videos, taking copious notes and designing different possible floor plans using pencil and paper.


He currently is learning how to use 3-D software so he can take our design ideas to the next level. David has been so committed and diligent regarding studying and learning about all things tiny, that he has moved from novice to proficient in record time – well on his way to expert status!

Education has been key thus far…and we know we will have to continue learning as we launch our tiny house experience!



We are a newly married couple on a journey towards living full-time in a tiny home!

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