The purging process…

We have been doing a great job paring down.

David has for years been pairing down, so he is ready (or at least so he thinks) for the final purge before moving into our new home.


We have discovered several things through our slow, but steady purging process.

First, purging is a marathon – not a race! As a former collegiate track athlete, David knows the endurance and focus it takes to be in it for the long haul. And that is exactly what the purging process should be. It will take time to determine what we REALLY need and what are really wants. One bit of advice we offer is to create a prioritized list of things you think you want and/or need.  We recommend putting it in electronic format (we have a word document that we integrate with our Evernote app on our phone).  Then when you see something you want to buy, decide where it belongs on the list.  When you realize you need to buy X before you buy Y, it helps you not to buy impulsively or something you really don’t need.  Intentional living is a prerequisite to living simply.

Second, it has really been fun identifying multiple uses for some of the items we already own! A small television long forgotten in a second bedroom may now find new life in a tiny house media center as a TV/computer screen. Decorative plates will now be used to both eat our everyday meals and as small platters to serve guests. David and I now ask – “Can this serve double duty?” It has almost become a game!

We learn so much every day through paring down. We have learned about each other. We have learned how extra “stuff” can distract us from what matters most. We have also learned that in a pinch wide-mouth coffee mugs might also double as great cereal bowls!



We are a newly married couple on a journey towards living full-time in a tiny home!

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